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Why has there been an increase in fatal accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Personal Injury

Motor vehicle collisions can happen for a variety of reasons. From distraction to drunk driving, the negligent and reckless choices of Texas motorists often lead to collisions that cause harm to other individuals. A recent study of accident statistics found that the number of fatal accidents in the United States is at a 16-year high, a troubling fact that may point to an increase in poor driver behavior and other risk factors. 

Dangerous behaviors on the rise 

There are many reasons why the overall number of fatal accidents is on the rise in the United States. Since the pandemic, there has been an alarming rise in risky behaviors that are well-established to be dangerous. This includes speeding, aggressive driving, drunk driving and engaging in distracting behaviors while behind the wheel.  

A careful look at accident data finds that there has been a 12% increase in the number of accidents that involve at least one distracted driver. Overall, there has been more than a 10% increase in car accident deaths since 2020. To combat this issue and hopefully prevent future problems, there has been an increase in safety campaigns and awareness efforts in Texas and other states. 

Who is to blame? 

Each driver is responsible for the choices that he or she makes while behind the wheel. If a motorist suffers injury in a preventable accident, the victim may have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. A personal injury attorney can provide insight regarding this specific legal option and the course of action necessary to secure an appropriate financial recovery.