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Is a dog bite grounds for a personal injury claim?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Personal Injury

It is difficult to control the actions of an animal, even if that animal seems friendly and trained. Regardless of the nature of a dog, familiarity with the animal and other factors that give the impression of control and predictability, dogs can bite at any time. Dog attacks and bites have the potential to cause serious injury and harm for a Texas victim. After this type of traumatic incident, victims may be wondering who is to blame. 

Proving fault in a dog bite case 

In many cases, there are no grounds to pursue a legal claim after a dog bite incident. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to hold an owner accountable for the harm caused by his or her pet. However, the following facts about dog bite claims may be helpful for a victim as he or she determines how to move forward: 

  • In a dog bite claim, it may be necessary to prove that the owner knew the dog was vicious. 
  • If a person is invited into a home and the owner’s dog bites him or her, the owner may be responsible for harm caused by the dog. 
  • A victim may have a claim if a dog bite happened due to a violation of a local leash law. 

It will be necessary to carefully evaluate the individual case to determine if there are grounds for a civil claim. 

After a dog attack 

There is no one-size-fits-all course of action to take after a dog bite. If a victim believes he or she has a valid claim, it is beneficial to move forward with that action as soon as possible after the incident. It will be beneficial to first confer with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney.